​After surviving years of Human Trafficking, I put it all behind me and did my best to live life as close to normal as possible. The years and life began to fly by but there was something missing. I had also put away that little girl. In order to find her i had to peel off the layers, the stories, had to get the stories out, they had to 

Matthew wrote....
Finished in 3 days and WOW!!! This book is beyond gripping and a true emotional roller coaster. I really enjoyed the author's explanation of Angel's thoughts and the style in which the author wrote, it really brought you into the moments almost living it through Angel. This true story is almost unbelievable, but the sad truth is people are living this reality daily all over the world. This book definitely makes you want to take action, and brings a huge spotlight on the inhumane and tragic reality of Human Sex Trafficking. A must read!!!!

Amber wrote....

Wow!! I've never read a book so fast, I couldn't put it down. It was like I was Angel. The way you describe your environment, the way you felt. I really got into this book. I'm so upset about what you and other children are enduring in our country. I hope all the traffickers go to jail. And I pray that we can find an end to harming our children. Bravo Angel, I loved the book!

And he called me Angel

Tamner wrote....

Bought it, Read it in 4 days and LOVED it!!! Can't wait for book number 2!

come out for the healing to begin. Writing was the antidote.  This allowed me to open myself to the possibility of meeting my destiny. I began speaking in the community and working with girls who have been trafficked and high risk girls. What the devil meant for evil, God meant for good.  I encourage you to dig under your "stories" and find your destiny. 

Shasta wrote....

I just finished your book. What a Roller Coaster. I laughed, I cried and I praised God for you and Greedy to be alive. I hope and Pray Chris never gets out of Prison. My heart hurts for Brook and her family, please let Brooklyn know she is in my prayers as well. Please let me know how I can help, I'm not wanting to read a book and walk away. I wanna help any way I can.

Angel Meyers

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